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# Yandex.Disk File Pusher
## English
This app is useful when you want to upload single file to Yandex.Disk but don't want to fiddle with sync official client or WebDAV. It is especially useful for automating backups (e. g. in conjuction with Proxmox's ``vzdump``.)
## Russian
Эта утилита полезна, если вы хотите загрузить единичный файл на Яндекс.Диск, но не хотите связываться с полноценным приложением для синхронизации или WebDAV. Особенно такая утилита полезна для автоматизации заливки резервных копий (например, в связке с ``vzdump`` из состава Proxmox).
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -30,6 +30,20 @@ func New(cc *context.Context) {
DefaultValue: 0000000,
_ = c.Flagger.AddFlag(&flagger.Flag{
Name: "uploadPath",
Description: "Path to upload your file on Yandex.Disk. Must exist before uploading.",
Type: "string",
DefaultValue: "/",
_ = c.Flagger.AddFlag(&flagger.Flag{
Name: "file",
Description: "Path to file that will be uploaded. Max upload size - 50 GB",
Type: "string",
DefaultValue: "",
dlog.Info().Msg("Domain initialized")
......@@ -40,7 +54,14 @@ func Process() {
filePath, _ := c.Flagger.GetStringValue("file")
if filePath != "" {
if !checkAuth() {
// Yandex Disk File Pusher
// Copyright (c) 2019 Vladimir "fat0troll" Hodakov
package yandexv1
import (
func showHelp() {
dlog.Info().Msg("This app is authorized for uploading your files one by one to Yandex.Disk.")
dlog.Info().Msg("For information how to use this app, run yapusher with -h flag or head to")
......@@ -57,3 +57,5 @@ func sendCode(code int) {
func uploadFile() {}
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